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Parent Questionnaires
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Parent Questionnaires

We survey parents annually to find out their views about the school. 

In 2023-24, the vast majority of parents report:

  • Their children are happy
  • Their children feel safe. Pastoral care was seen as a key strength of the school
  • They know who to talk to if they are worried about their child
    (Please see our Safeguarding information if you want to know who to talk to)
  • Their children have not experienced bullying but feel incidences of bullying are dealt with quickly and effectively
  • The school communicates with parents on what their child is learning
  • That any concerns are dealt with properly
  • The school has high expectations
  • Their child does well at the school
  • The school communicates well with regard to how their child is doing
  • There is a good range of subjects available
  • Their child can take part in clubs and activities
  • They would recommend the school to another parent

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