Welcome to our school web site and the Governance information page. The Governance information pages contain information relating to the Academy Trust and its governance arrangements.

Robert May’s School converted to Academy status on 1 May 2012 and exists legally as a company limited by guarantee with exempt charitable status. The Chair of the Trust Board is Ms Anna Rigby. If you wish to contact the Chair, please email the clerk@rmays.com. Alternatively, you can write to the Chair at the school address.

Our minutes are a public record of the work we undertake on behalf of everyone with an interest in the school. If you wish to read a set of minutes, please email the clerk@rmays.com

Robert May’s School is fully committed to the aims of the Equality Act 2010 and the associated Public Sector Equality Duty and Schools’ Duties.  Information about the Academy Trust can be found below.

Correspondence from Chair of Trustees:

Message from the Chair of Trustees - July 2021Message from the Chair of Trustees - September 2021Trustee End of term letter - Summer 2022

Annual Reports:


Register of Business and Percuniary Interests:

Register of Busines and Pecuniary Interests
List of Trustees and Attendance at meetings:

Trustee Attendance