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"A wide range of leadership opportunities enables pupils to understand how they can make a meaningful contribution to society."


Congratulations to our House Captains 2022-23!

Lead Senior House Captain for Robert May’s School - Evie (Jubilee)

House Captains 2022 23

Notice board Banners Page 3

CASTLE HOUSE CAPTAINS (Not in photo order): Morgan, Freddie, Codie, Josh, Ivan, Lily, Dyllan, Izzy, Ella and Anna

CHOSEN CHARITY: Cancer Research UK

Castle 2022 23

Notice board Banners Page 6

CHINOOK HOUSE CAPTAINS (Not in photo order): Leon, Joe, Danielle, Nina, Freya, Savannah, Amy, Kieran and Ollie


Chinook 2022 23

Notice board Banners Page 4

CROWN HOUSE CAPTAINS (Not in photo order): Josh, Alyssia, Charlie, Heidi, Ollie, James, Millie, Kai and Bruno


Crown 2022 23

Notice board Banners Page 5

JUBILEE HOUSE CAPTAINS (Not in photo order): Khaya, Bree, Alex, Freddie, Mataya, Luke, George, Oliver and Romy

CHOSEN CHARITY: Royal British Legion

Jubilee 2022 23

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ROSE HOUSE CAPTAINS (Not in photo order): James, Jonny, Ethan, Maia, Mia, Nathan, Poppy, Jacob and Mark


Rose 2022 23

Current House Totals (Updated Jan 2023)

House Points Position
Rose 1065 4
Castle 1080 3
Crown 1045 5
Jubilee 1152 1
Chinook 1127 2

Current Fundraising Totals (Updated Dec 2022)

House Total Raised
Rose £90.00
Castle £164.00
Crown £103.00
Jubilee £504.50
Chinook £142.00


News & Updates - 1st Half Spring Term 2023

News and Updates - 2nd Half Autumn Term 2022-23

News and Updates - 1st Half Autumn Term 2022-23

September 2022: House Captains Announced!

This leadership role will allow students to take command of their House and ensure they have a competitive team for any event that we run throughout the year, as well as overseeing the charity that each House will be supporting (more on this later). Students were given a presentation on the role and each tutor group was involved in selecting their representative.

Thank you to Matt Pascoe, Director for Kit & Bone (, who generously offered his services to make digital versions of each logo. 

October 2022 : ACTIVITIES for Autumn Term

  1. House Captains
  2. Design House Logo
  3. Pick a Charity
    Your House captains have agreed to support the charities below for the year. 
        Rose - IFAW Animal Shelter
        Castle - Cancer Research UK
        Crown - RSPCA
        Jubilee - Royal British Legion
        Chinook - Make a Wish
  4. Inter-House Rounders 
  5. Pumpkin Carving competition
  6. House Reading Challenge 
  7. Go Karting

October Half Term - House Point Updates!

Autumn Rounders:

The first House event of the year, Rounders, took place this week. We were lucky with the weather and the students performed brilliantly, supported by the Year 7 crowd as two pools played a round robin tournament.

It was extremely close but Jubilee got the better of Chinook and therefore are the current leaders! Congratulations to all that took part. 

There are plenty of other activities that will happen over the academic year, including the pumpkin carving competition today so the House table could change by the time we get back after half term. We also have our first fundraising event run by Rose, well done.


Pumpkin Competition:

See our News article for more information on Winners and Runners Up, for details of all the House points awarded please see the document below: