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"A wide range of leadership opportunities enables pupils to understand how they can make a meaningful contribution to society."


Upcoming Activities for 2023-24

Congratulations to our House Captains 2022-23!

Lead Senior House Captain for Robert May’s School - Evie (Jubilee)

House Captains 2022 23

Notice board Banners Page 2

ROSE HOUSE CAPTAINS (Not in photo order): James, Jonny, Ethan, Maia, Mia, Nathan, Poppy, Jacob and Mark


Rose 2022 23

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CASTLE HOUSE CAPTAINS (Not in photo order): Morgan, Freddie, Codie, Josh, Ivan, Lily, Dyllan, Izzy, Ella and Anna

CHOSEN CHARITY: Cancer Research UK

Castle 2022 23

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CROWN HOUSE CAPTAINS (Not in photo order): Josh, Alyssia, Charlie, Heidi, Ollie, James, Millie, Kai and Bruno


Crown 2022 23

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JUBILEE HOUSE CAPTAINS (Not in photo order): Khaya, Bree, Alex, Freddie, Mataya, Luke, George, Oliver and Romy

CHOSEN CHARITY: Royal British Legion

Jubilee 2022 23

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CHINOOK HOUSE CAPTAINS (Not in photo order): Leon, Joe, Danielle, Nina, Freya, Savannah, Amy, Kieran and Ollie


Chinook 2022 23

Current House Points (Updated 08.09.23)

House Points Position
Rose 150 1st place
Castle 120 2nd place
Crown 85 5th place
Jubilee 90 4th place
Chinook 100 3rd place


Charity Fundraising Totals 

House Raised so far - 2023-2024     Total Raised - 2022-2023    
Rose (IFAW) - £678.65
Castle (Cancer Research UK) - £390.32
Crown (RSPCA) - £242.89
Jubilee (Royal British Legion) - £1016.85
Chinook (Make a Wish) - £250.00

Final House Totals (2022-23)

House Points Finished
Rose 3262.5 2nd place
Castle 3205 4th place
Crown 2855 5th place
Jubilee 3264.5 1st place
Chinook 3212 3rd place


"I know [he] is learning so much in his role as House captain that will undoubtedly carry him further in life than traditional academic learning (although of course we greatly value that too!), so thank you for giving him these opportunities"
RMS Parent