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Student Absence and Attendance
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Student Absence and Attendance

Excellent attendance underpins educational achievement. At Robert May’s School we aim that all students should have an attendance record between 96% and 100%. Please read the factsheet below for our attendance and absence procedures:

Parent Factsheet for Attendance

Reporting an unplanned absence

  •  If your child is not able to attend school, contact should be made each day by 8.00am
  •  Contact should be made via the Edulink One App or by sending an email to
  • The email should include your child's name, tutor group, reason for absence and expected date of return to school. 
  • If we have not received notification of any absence, we aim to contact you by email or phone by 9.30am to ascertain the reason for your child’s absence and to ensure that they are safe.
  • If we are unable to ascertain an acceptable explanation for a student absence, it will be recorded as an Unauthorised Absence and this could lead to further action being taken.

Please see our Attendance Policy for more information.

How can I make an absence request?

All planned absences require you to email a completed Student Absence Request form which can be found below. This should then be emailed to

The only exception to this is for planned medical appointments and funerals where a notice via the Edulink app or parental email to will suffice. Please see the Parent Factsheet for Attendance for further information.

Parents should contact their child’s form tutor or Head of Year if they are worried about their child’s attendance or discuss any pastoral matters which might be affecting their child’s regular attendance at school.

The school has adopted the Hampshire County Council Attendance Code. This policy and supporting documents can be found in our Attendance Policy

Please also view this leaflet from Hampshire County Council for more information.


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