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Curriculum Overview
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Curriculum Overview


Robert May’s School aims to provide a curriculum that inspires and motivates students of all abilities and from all backgrounds within a safe environment where learning is broad, balanced and varied.

“The Curriculum is broad, balanced, challenging and interesting. …the well-planned curriculum provides pupils with a firm foundation for the next stage of their education. Pupils are encouraged to be ambitious and strive for excellence.”

Ofsted Report 2017

Our curriculum should:

  • Promote excellence
  • Enable all students to reach or exceed their full potential
  • Value the development of wellbeing, self-confidence and resilience as much as academic progress
  • Equip all students with the knowledge, skills and independence required to follow their chosen post-16 pathway into adult life
  • Promote strong moral and ethical values underpinned by tolerance and respect

Curriculum Structure

We operate a five year curriculum. Lessons are delivered on a 1 week, 30 period cycle with 6 lessons per day. English, Maths, Science, PE and PSHEE are core subjects studied by all students throughout the school. Students are arranged in mixed ability bands in all year groups for most subjects. Mathematics is taught in teaching groups based on ability.

There are two opportunities to choose options that suit the individual. Key Stage 3 content is taught in Years 7, 8 and 9 with the final term of Year 9 being used as a preparation for GCSE or equivalent level courses. Formal GCSE content is studied in Years 10 and 11.

We believe that our curriculum at KS3 gives students the opportunity to find their strengths so that when they choose their options for the GCSE years, they can make informed choices that are right for them. Students make four option choices before starting their GCSE level courses. The first option is Combined or Triple Science, with four further options. The first of these must be from the EBacc suite or vocational studies. The remaining three options are completely free. Students follow either a traditional academic curriculum or a more vocational one depending on their future aspirations. Each student is invited to have an individual discussion to help them to choose the most appropriate pathway.

Timings of the school Day

Year 7 Overview

Year 8 Overview

Year 9 Overview

Year 10/11 Overview

Assessment Strategy for Parents

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National Tutoring Programme (NTP) Targeted Sessions for Year 11 Students

Spring Term 2 (Mar/Apr) Targeted Sessions list by Date

Spring Term 2 (Mar/Apr) Targeted Sessions list by Subject

Spring Term 1 (Jan/Feb) Targeted Sessions list by Date

Spring Term 1 (Jan/Feb) Targeted Sessions list by Subject