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At RMS there are two strands of CPD. 

The first strand is compulsory CPD. The aim of this section is to drive whole group improvement and has been designed with information from the school Improvement Plan.  The second is a comprehensive programme of optional CPD events. 

TWITTER: The CPD at RMS twitter handle is ‘@at_cpd

Aspiring to be a middle leader:

The aim of this course is to provide staff who aspire to be middle leaders experience and opportunities which will help them to reach their goals. 

Topics to be discussed in these meetings will be: 

  • Deciding a clear vision for your role and making it happen. 
  • Making the vision happen by managing the year efficiently. 
  • Differentiating for your staff and performance management. (INSET is not a one size fits all model). Including retention of outstanding staff. 
  • Writing policies and holding staff and students account for these policies. 
  • Lesson Observation and feedback using the coaching model. 
  • During the sessions delegates will be asked to take ownership for an area of development within their department and be encouraged to gain experience on making change happen within the department. 

Coaching Partnerships:

Over 25 staff are trained coaches. 

The aim of these sessions is for the coach to be a supportive listener to help you find solutions or develop your teaching or professional career. It is a non-judgmental process and it is carried out by trained coaches. 

We have also been working with an external coach. Staff are encouraged to sign up and get an 1 hour coaching session.  Cover is provided if required.  

CPD Discussion Groups:

The aim of these sessions is to provide opportunities for staff to discuss educational issues. The stimulus for the discussion group could be staff input or external input from outside speakers.  

Breakfast Teach Meets:

The aim of these sessions is to share good practice in an informal way. 

Teachers who attend will be asked to bring an example of an activity they have used in their classroom and share it with others in the group. 

Bacon rolls are provided!  

External Courses:

If you would like to attend an external course please first discuss with your line manager.  Once you have done this please complete a CPD request form (RMS intranet) and then share with your line manager.  Once they have completed the statement please share with me for approval.