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Extra Curricular
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Extra Curricular

After School Activities

After school activities take place on four days a week.

Students that want to stay for an extra curricular club after school have the opportunity to catch a late bus which leaves school at approximately 4.15pm and costs £2 per trip. We are currently in the process of discussing with transport operators regarding the late bus route as  timetables have changed this year. 

The main clubs and activities held after school are (some of these activities are seasonal)

  • Acapella Club
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Attenborough’s Ambassadors
  • Badminton
  • Book Group
  • Boys Basketball
  • Boys Football
  • Boys Hockey
  • CAD Club
  • Chamber Choir
  • Chess
  • Christian Union
  • Comic Club
  • Computer Science Drop in
  • Dance and Gym
  • Fantesy Premier League planning/sharing ideas
  • F1 Club
  • Folk Band
  • Games Club (inc. Warhammer)
  • Gardening Club
  • German conversation
  • Girls Basketball
  • Girls Football
  • Girls Hockey
  • Girls Netball
  • Girls Rugby
  • History Clubs
  • KS3 Drama Club
  • Maths Club
  • Mock Trial Team
  • Music Ensemble Group
  • Musical Theatre Group
  • Our Environment
  • People Power
  • Rainbow Group
  • Running Club
  • School Council
  • School production
  • Science Club
  • Speakers’ Corner
  • String Quartet
  • Student Librarians
  • Table Tennis
  • Theory Support
  • The Space and Xtra Space
  • Youth Club and Youth Club Console League
  • Volleyball

Enrichment at Robert May's   CoverClick here for our Enrichment - Sports and Activities booklet Full list of clubs and activities:  Autumn Term 2022