Village Connect Trail

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September 23, 2022

This week sees the Village Connect Trail run by the Hook and Odiham Lions which links the 3 local villages together with a walking trail. 

Village Connect is a local volunteer organisation.  Their aim is to connect the local community through events and to raise funds for different organisations.

Last year we ran the Village Connect Trail (VCT) weekend which encouraged students (and their families) to get out and walk in the local countryside. This year, on Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th September, The Village Connect Trail is running again. It is a wonderful opportunity to get outside and see some of the local countryside.

In addition to the trail that links all 3 villages, there are smaller loop walks from each village back to the same village.

It is a great chance to see some of the wonderful local countryside, get some exercise and raise some money for RMS and the Ukrainian Fund.

Follow this link to register and see what routes are available, you can also download an interactive map as well as detailed instructions for the routes:

You can also register for a route and download an interactive map or follow detailed instructions to help you with the walk.

Use this link to find out how to sponsor someone who is walking.

The funds will be going towards Robert May's School and the Ukrainian Fund

Written by A Peake