Year 9 Get Inspired in Southampton

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May 10, 2024

This week, a group of Year 9 students attended a hugely successful Get Inspired Trip to Southampton Guildhall.

There were around 50 stalls present across a huge variety of sectors including Early Years, Engineering, Town Planning, The Royal Marines, Watch Makers, Quantity Surveyors, Banks, Highway Maintenance, Barristers, Home Improvement, Acting and the Stage, the NHS and Hospitality.

The providers had come together to speak to the young people of Hampshire about what to expect if they take a job in their market sectors, the job opportunities available and qualifications needed for specific roles. The response from our students was fantastic. They really engaged with the providers and took part in the fantastic activities available.

The purpose of these days is to give students an opportunity to investigate careers they are interested in or might not have previously thought about. A lot of the providers were offering Apprenticeships which is certainly worth looking into alongside other pathways to a career. Apprenticeships are a way of getting paid while you gain the qualifications (up to Degree Apprenticeships level and beyond) and are becoming available in more areas. You can now use an apprenticeship route to become an engineer, a doctor a teacher or a barrister alongside some more traditional routes. Apprenticeships also provide work experience alongside the qualification which is key to many employers.

To find out more about apprenticeships, look at this link:


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Written by Mr A Peake