D of E Silver Qualifying Expedition

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June 06, 2024

DofE NEWS - Silver Qualifying Expedition: Queen Elizabeth Country Park & The South Downs

We had a wonderful long weekend camping at Queen Elizabeth Country Park for the Silver DofE Qualifying Expedition. We camped for two nights and the students completed three days of walking approximately 16 km a day on the South Downs Way and in the surrounding area. They walk this whilst carrying everything they need to be self-sufficient with them in backpacks. We were incredibly lucky with the weather and it didn’t rain at all over the weekend.

Both we and the assessors were really impressed with all the students and very proud of all they have achieved. They have shown resilience, outstanding teamwork and determination. The students just have one last task to give a presentation about their expedition experience and then they will have completed the expedition section of the award.

We would like to thank all Parents/Carers for their support, the DofE Staff Team who were incredible, First Aid, Site and the Admin teams. The whole DofE team are looking forward to supporting the Bronze Expeditions in July. 

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Miss Bennett, Miss Harding and the DofE Team

Written by Mrs H Bennett