Including: New for Sept 2022 - Ancient History GCSE option

List of TLR Holders and their responsibilities: 

Mr. Sam Symonds-Keates - Head of History

Department aims: 

Our vision is to foster a love of History and impart an understanding of the importance of the past in the 21st century. We aim to develop learners who are able to use their contextual knowledge to understand and make judgements about current and future issues. Students will be equipped with  transferable skills, such as critical thinking, effective communication, resilience and creativity. 

Approaches to teaching and learning: 

Our overriding approach to teaching and learning is to promote strong character development and positive progress, through enquiry based learning. We encourage students to take ownership of both their work and their views, fostering a willingness to challenge, deconstruct and question. Students are supported in developing their own opinions and are inspired to be thoughtful and respectful of other opinions, cultures or traditions. 

Why the department has adopted this curriculum plan: (Curriculum Intent): 

The History curriculum from Year 7 to Year 11 has been designed to equip pupils with the skills for both school and life beyond, whilst covering a broad range of topics, themes, cultures and skills, in order to ensure that students develop into well-rounded individuals. 

Principles of sequencing learning in this subject: 

Our curriculum is constructed to follow a chronological pattern, continuing on from typical KS2 History covering pre-medieval topics, such as the Romans/Vikings/Egyptians. We also follow a focus on British and European History to give pupils contextual knowledge of how the world around them has developed. Skills taught at KS3 are relevant to both KS4 teaching as well as being transferable to future steps in pupils’ lives. 

Extracurricular and enrichment:

Trips: Year 7 Castle trip, Year 8 Battlefields trip, Year 9 Auschwitz trip, Year 10 GCSE Germany trip (Berlin, Nuremberg, Munich), Year 10 Theatre workshop (Nazi Germany and Medicine Through Time)

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural opportunities: 

The study of History involves a sense of curiosity and the mystery of how and why events in the past happened and raises questions as to what could have happened if events had different results. Pupils are asked to consider and comment on moral questions and dilemmas. Events and beliefs in the past will often be at odds with what we would consider unacceptable today (and were to some people in the past also) Pupils will be encouraged to show compassion for people facing dilemmas and to empathise with decisions which people in the past made and the reasoning behind these decisions. Pupils will explore the similarities and contrasts between past and present societies and be made aware of how, in the main, we are very fortunate to live in ‘the modern world’ which links with the value of thankfulness. Pupils will study, and be encouraged to gain an understanding of and empathise with, people from different cultural backgrounds. They will examine how other cultures have had a major impact on the development of ’British’ culture. Pupils develop a better understanding of our multicultural society through studying links between local, British, European and world history.

Character development and British Values opportunities: 

Students at all levels in the school learn about British values through their lessons. The development of their rights and responsibilities are taught throughout the school. They also learn about responsibilities as citizens, their duties and respect. They become familiar with the decision-making process and the consequences of their actions. Government, law, justice, democracy and totalitarianism are central to the learning of History at the school. They also explore diverse beliefs, cultures and identities so that tolerance, mutual respect, teamwork and cooperation are valued and rewarded. This includes respecting each other and particularly minority interests.

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