List of TLR Holders and their responsibilities:

Mr James Dovey - Head of Science
Mrs Felicity Tyrer - Head of Key Stage Four
Mrs Louisa Reeves - Head of Key Stage Three 

Department aims:

To provide an engaging curriculum where students find a real interest in science, and can make excellent progress to ready them for the next stage in their education. 

Approaches to teaching and learning:

Engaging lessons with student centred learning where the teacher is a facilitator rather than a deliverer of content. There will be a mixture of independent and group work, including a wide range of different activities. Work will be differentiated to support and challenge all students where necessary. Assessment of learning will be regular and rigorous with exam based testing each half term. 

Why the department has adopted this curriculum plan: (Curriculum Intent):

To enable students to enjoy science, be inquisitive about the world around them, and make excellent progress. 

Principles of sequencing learning in this subject:

Our key stage three curriculum builds on the knowledge gained at key stage two and adds to it by covering a wider variety of topics. These topics build on key stage two, but then also prepare the students for what is studied at key stage four. The curriculum is designed so that it is interleaving (topics are revisited regularly to help retention) and to help students make better progress. The topics taught at key stage three are all taught at GCSE, just with differing levels of detail and more difficult concepts. We are therefore confident that our key stage three curriculum provides a sound foundation for key stage four.

How students will receive feedback to enhance their knowledge and skills:

Verbally, through peer assessment, through marking of work Reading List (Key Stage 3): CGP KS3 Science Study Guide 

Reading List (GCSE):

  • CGP GCSE Combined Science AQA Revision Guide (Higher or Foundation)
  • CGP GCSE Chemistry Revision Guide
  • CGP GCSE Biology Revision Guide
  • CGP GCSE Physics Revision Guide 

Useful weblinks:

EducakeSeneca LearningBBC BitesizeAQA

Extracurricular and enrichment:

Year 11 invited revision group, Year 10 invited revision group, Key stage four drop in revision (3 times a week), Year 7 science club, Key stage three drop in revision and support, Key stage three invited intervention group. There are also various trips and visits run through the year. 

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural opportunities:

Various topics across the curriculum in key stage three and four provide lots of opportunity for this. 

Character development and British Values opportunities:

Various topics across the curriculum in key stage three and four provide lots of opportunity for this.

Subject Documents Date  
Learning Journey Science 07th Apr 2022 Download
Science Curriculum Information 07th Apr 2022 Download