Physical Education

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List of TLR Holders and their responsibilities: 

Mrs Kirsty Dovey - Head of Department
Mr Martyn Jackson - Second in Department

Department aims: 

To provide a broad and balanced curriculum that promotes an enjoyment of all sporting activities.

To give students the knowledge and skills to lead a healthy active lifestyle throughout and after life at Robert May’s. 

To encourage students to take part in a vast array of extra curricular activities and provide the channels for them to progress further in any chosen sport.

Approaches to teaching and learning: 

Our aim is to provide a teaching and learning environment that caters for all abilities and learning needs to ensure progress of all students in all sports. All staff are passionate and enthusiastic about all sporting activities and about ensuring the best outcomes for all of their students. Students are encouraged to learn independently to promote key life skills and encourage them to engage in their own progress.

Why the department has adopted this curriculum plan: (Curriculum Intent): 

Our curriculum plan includes a wide variety of sports and activities, with the aim of giving all students some form of physical activity that makes them passionate about an aspect of our subject. 

Principles of sequencing learning in this subject:

All lessons at key stage 3 provide students with the key knowledge and skills needed to be successful in all activities taught. At key stage 4, core PE, students can choose specific pathways to cater for their enjoyment and success of specific sports. GCSE students are given sample theory lessons during key stage 3 to give them a better understanding of the content taught at GCSE.

How students will receive feedback to enhance their knowledge and skills: 

Along with the ongoing feedback that will occur verbally in every lesson, students will receive a formal piece of marking every 4 weeks. Practical lessons will include a wide variety of feedback ranging from video analysis to verbal guidance.  For each main test students will receive thorough individual feedback highlighting areas to improve. 

Reading List (Key Stage 3): 

Reading List (GCSE): Edexcel GCSE Physical Education Oxford, The Sports Book: The Sports. The Rules. The Tactics. The Techniques

Extracurricular and enrichment:  

Extracurricular is a huge part of PE at RMS.  We run clubs throughout the week and throughout the year. There is a club on every afternoon from 15:00-16:00.
An example of our club timetable can be found via this link: 
PE Clubs List

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural opportunities: 

GCSE topics include Drug use in sport, participation in sport of all ethnicities and backgrounds, Sportsmanship, gamesmanship and deviant behaviour.  Practical lessons - all sports provide development of all four areas not only in lessons but during after school clubs and competitive fixtures against schools not only locally but from all over the country.

Character development and British Values opportunities: 

Through our teaching every sport we try to encourage an enjoyment of all types of physical activity.  We aim to develop students character by teaching about cooperation, teamwork, resilience and having the ability to win and lose with dignity. We consistently celebrate success promoting students achievements through a variety of ways such as our ‘Heros Board’ and our Sports awards night.  We regularly use the success of British athletes and sports people to inspire our students.

Useful weblinks:

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