Child Development

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List of TLR Holders and their responsibilities: 

Mrs Flic Tyrer - Lead Teacher for Child Development 

Department aims: 

The aim of this qualification is to allow students to develop applied knowledge and practical skills in child development.

Approaches to teaching and learning:

At Robert May’s students are offered Cambridge Nationals Level 1/2 Certificate in Child Development course. This qualification is particularly useful for those wishing to study for child centred courses at post 16. Cambridge Nationals are designed to allow students the freedom to explore more deeply the things that interest them. The teaching of the qualification will normally be through practical work, learning skills and how to do things that may be relevant to the world of work.

Why the department has adopted this curriculum plan: (Curriculum Intent):

This subject option is for students who wish to develop applied knowledge and practical skills in child development. This qualification is recognised by OFQUAL, and by 16-19 providers as progression to A Level, Further Education or on to an apprenticeship or work.

Principles of sequencing learning in this subject:

This course is only taught as a GCSE option and is structured so that during Year 10 all the theoretical knowledge is taught in preparation for an exam at the end of Year 10 or January of Year 11. Year 11 is devoted to completing centre assessed tasks. The theoretical content must be completed before the centre assessed task is started as students need to rely heavily and comment upon their subject knowledge within their assessed tasks.

How students will receive feedback to enhance their knowledge and skills:

Students will be given verbal feedback regarding ongoing lesson work and through marking of theory and homework. Test results will identify specific student needs. 

Centre assessed tasks will be formally marked using specific exam criteria. Exemplar coursework and mark schemes are shared with students before the start of each task.

Feedback once a centre assessed task has been started can only be generic under JCQ rules.

Reading List (GCSE):

  • Child Development Cambridge Level 1 & 2 Miranda Walker ISBN:978-1-471-89975-1
  • My Revision Notes Child Development Cambridge Level1 & 2 Miranda Walker ISBN: 978-1- 5104-3469-1
  • From Birth to Five Years   Mary Sheridan ISBN: 0-415-61458-3
  • Child Development (An Illustrated Guide) ISBN: 978-0-435-07880-5

Useful weblinks:

OCR Cambridge Nationals - Child Development

Extracurricular and enrichment:

  • Year 10 after school sessions for invited students.
  • Summer term Year 10: Revision sessions weekly.
  • Year 11 after school sessions for invited students. 


Spiritual, Moral, Social, Cultural and British Values opportunities:

Students can contribute to an understanding of these issues in the following topics.


·         Examples of opportunities for developing an understanding of the issue during the course.

Spiritual Issues

How child development methods, principles and values support children. Spiritual well-being can be enhanced through, for example, the activities offered to develop creative abilities and respect can be shown for individuals’ beliefs and how these impact on their lives.

Moral Issues

 Offering the opportunity to reflect on the values of care and to consider some of the dilemmas faced when dealing with children from all walks of life.

Social Issues

How child development and care can affect the quality of life experienced and how individuals’ requirements are met.

Legislative issues

 The main aspects of legislation relating to child development and care: Data Protection Act, Equality Act, Health and Safety and other legislation that applies to the sector.

Economic Issues

Learning about making informed decisions about the provision for children (e.g. meals, toys, development activities) and the different types of childcare settings and support services that are available for use taking into consideration the implications for availability and cost.

Cultural issues

Helping learners appreciate that child development contributes to the development of our culture and to social cohesion.

How learners need to show cultural awareness of children when communicating and interacting with them.

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