Head of Department:

Miss Georgie Herbert

Department aims:

The Art Department at Robert May’s believes that every student should enjoy creating and looking at Art.  Through the observation and exploration of the visual, Art can open up new ways of seeing; it can develop creativity, explore values and feelings, whilst appreciating cultural diversity, enabling students to gain a greater awareness of the world they live in.

For more information regarding topics covered in Art, please see the curriculum information and Learning Journey linked below

Reading List:

There is no reading list but students are encouraged to explore the artwork of others using both the department and school libraries resources.

Students at GCSE must demonstrate an understanding of other artists and link these to their own work. This is done using books, visits to galleries and via online references.

Extracurricular and enrichment:

All GCSE courses begin with an Art trip in order to gain a wealth of resources for students to begin their first unit of work.

The department runs an after school Art club, one day per week.

Subject Documents Date  
Art Curriculum Information 26th Jul 2023 Download
Learning Journey Art 11th May 2022 Download
Year 7 Art Learning Journey 12th May 2022 Download
Year 8 Art Learning Journey 12th May 2022 Download
Year 9 Art Learning Journey 12th May 2022 Download

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