Record results at Robert May’s School!

Headline measures: Building on previous success and strong results, this year’s cohort of Year 11 students broke through the school’s own ambitious targets to achieve a set of brilliant outcomes. Out of a cohort of 239 young people, 77% gained 5 A*-C grades including English and Mathematics (71% in 2015).

35.4% achieved passes of C and above in the English Baccalaureate subject combination.

79 students gained five or more A*/A grades. Of these, 45 students achieved eight or more A*/A grades and three superstars opened their envelopes to find that they had achieved at least eight A* grades.

Student success: Warmest congratulations go to Jessica Dewhurst, Hannah Haugvik and Nila Pillai for achieving eight or more A* grades each. The following students gained eight or more A*/A grades each: Holly Abbott, Liam Benwell, James Berglin, Courtney Bragg, Harry Carlisle, Georgia Chapman, Felicity Checksfield, Aimee Clayton, Oliver Curry, Jemma Epps, Charlotte Evans, Francesca Fleet, William Flynn, Katie Haigh, Katherine Halley, Sophie Hoddinott, Melina James, Helen Jarman, Ellia Johnson, William Kennett, Jake Meakin, Gabrielle Middleton, Cora Morrow, Malachi Moses-Gair, Sofia Moya, Prarthana Narayanan, Oliver Parrington-Tyler, Abigail Robak, Stephanie Roberts, Rachel Scott, Emma Smart, Ben Syndercombe, Oliver Thomas, Elizabeth Tracey, Annabel Turner, Erin Walker, Chloe Wallace, Olivia Warnes, Louis Watterson, Bethany Wilkinson, Beth Williams and Chloe Woollard.

Other measures: As always, these initial results are subject to validation and there may be some re-marks. Although we don’t yet know the local and national picture, we are overjoyed for our students because many more will be able to access their first choice courses at college, or transfer with ease into apprenticeships. In the days ahead we will be able to process the new Attainment 8 and Progress 8 figures, and these will be shared on the school website.

All praise and congratulations go to these incredible students who have worked so hard, our teaching and support colleagues who always insist on delivering excellence, our governors for supporting us, and to families who have gone out of their way to ensure that their daughters and sons have been well supported at home. We started the year with self-imposed rigorous and challenging goals that have all been surpassed today. The amount of hard work, persistence and dedication that has gone into producing today’s results is colossal.


J C West