Welcome to Robert May’s School

There’s been a Robert May’s School of one kind or another in Odiham for over 300 years.  Our aim is to build on existing traditions of excellence and deliver a first class educational experience for all.

Our priority is the quality of learning and teaching in the classroom and around the school.  Recruiting and training highly talented and motivated teachers who can provide superb learning opportunities for every student is an essential part of what we do. 

We believe in supporting and developing the whole person. Outside formal teaching time our school offers great opportunities for developing sportspeople, dancers, artists, chess players, musicians, scientists, digital experts, equestrians, engineers and other future careers almost without limit. 

We have high expectations of students’ attitudes to learning and behaviour. In the climate we create, students are polite, productive and passionate about what they do. Our ethos draws upon Robert May, our founder, for inspiration. We invite all our students to learn to help themselves, learn to help others, and learn to make the world a better place in an atmosphere where excellence is standard, every day.