GCSE Results 2018 Press Release


Press release: Robert May’s School GCSE Results, Summer 2018

Robert May’s School students, parents, staff and governors are celebrating an extremely successful set of GCSE results. We are delighted for our students, as this is the first year in which nearly all subjects studied were the new, more demanding syllabuses and examinations.

The main differences between these examinations, and pre-2017 GCSEs are as follows:

  • With one exception, all this year’s GCSEs have new number grades (only English and Maths were graded with numbers last year). Grade 4 is a standard pass (old C grade) , grade 7 is equivalent to an old A grade and grade 9 is at the top-most end of what used to be an A*.
  • Most subjects were examined solely by students completing test papers at the end of a two year course. In the past, many subjects were partly assessed through coursework, controlled coursework or repeatable unit tests.
  • The way in which GCSE subject grades are scored by the Department of Education for school performance tables is also slightly different, year-on-year.


Not surprisingly, we caution against making any year-on-year annual results comparisons, but are very pleased to report that Robert May’s results are broadly in line with our hopes for this cohort. We are deeply proud of these results and of the tremendous effort made by our students and staff, who should feel very happy with their achievements today. Several departments produced stellar results. Textiles and Photography, French, Science, Music and Maths all performed exceptionally well in a generally high quality set of results, proving that Robert May’s School continues to insist on offering the young people of this area a broad and balanced curriculum that fits well with the needs and preferences of its students.

80% of this year’s Year 11 achieved grades 4 to 9 in English. 84% of the cohort achieved grade 4 to 9 in Maths. A remarkable 37 students achieved at least one grade 9 result, with 14 scoring 5 or more grade 9s. 15 students achieved top grades of 7, 8 and 9 in all their subjects. They are: Emily Bell, Emily Bomphrey, Adam Brown, Zoe Curry, Rebecca Marshall, Kara Oxford, Charlie Smith, Kerry Smith, Millie Summers, Chloe Tarling, Florence Tate, Ben Wakefield, George Winser and two students who cannot be named yet, because they are away on holiday. Special mention goes again to Emily Bomphrey for gaining grade 9s in all her 10 subjects, and to Matt Totman for his nine grade 9s. We understand that only a few hundred young people in the country achieved this feat!

The majority of our students will go on to distinguish themselves at Farnborough Sixth Form College, Queen Mary College, Alton College, Basingstoke Technical College and Farnborough Technical College. Several students have already started their apprenticeships in the locality, which is terrific news. We would like to congratulate Matt Totman also, for being selected from fierce competition for a place at Welbeck, the Defence Sixth Form College.

It is worth noting that a small number of students in the year-group worked through some colossal personal difficulties to achieve exceptional results today. Behind every set of results there is a story, and for some students the story included extreme anxiety, despair, prolonged illness or worse. We cannot mention them by name but we are every bit as proud of their preparedness to overcome their difficulties as we are of everyone else.

I would like to thank all our staff for the unstinting and remorseless hard work that has been put into this year’s results, our governors for their encouragement, and our parents for their unceasing support of our aims and ambitions for these wonderful young people.

Joanna Collyer West