Chromebook Scheme
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Chromebook Scheme

One of our aims at Robert May’s School is that every student will have the opportunity to use a Chromebook on a daily basis for use in lesson time to ensure access for all. 

Our student’s daily lives are filled with technology and they are quick to embrace new developments. We want our students to feel at ease in this rapidly changing climate. 

The Chromebook scheme is currently closed, but we will notify all parents when it is next available.

To participate in the scheme when it is next open and for FAQs and other information, please follow the link: 

Chromebook Scheme

Further Help:

To assist parents who have questions about the scheme, or after delivery want to make an insurance claim, or make changes to their direct debit, please use the simple online form to create a ticket for the EduTech support team.


The packages provided on the scheme are fully insured. Details of the insurance are provided on the scheme portal for you to view, print or download any time you wish.