Trustee Vacancies at Robert May’s School


Parent Trustee Vacancy 2022

Robert May’s School has a vacancy for a Trustee and is seeking a high-calibre, dynamic and committed individual to strengthen our Trust. As a Trustee, you’ll play a strategic role, ensuring we have a clear vision, ethos and development plans are being delivered. You’ll help set goals for the schools; monitor progress, supporting and challenging staff to ensure they are delivered.

The Trust Board works together as a group, and meets at least six times per year. If you are thinking of standing as a Trustee, remember that you will need to prepare for and attend these meetings, plus additional committee meetings during each term. There is an expectation within our code of conduct that each Trustee will become a member of a committee and will take on additional responsibilities as a link Trustee focusing on an aspect of school development. The time commitment should not be underestimated to fulfill the role well.

Trustees may be called upon for other tasks such as sitting on senior appointment panels or giving particular attention to a specific issue or policy. There is also an expectation that Trustees will attend training sessions in order to ensure that they are up to date on such things as school performance data, finance, special educational needs, Safeguarding and Safer Recruitment etc. A comprehensive induction programme is provided although all Trustees should be motivated and committed to developing themselves in the role by accessing the resources available.

All parents or carers of registered students at Robert May’s School at the time of the appointment are eligible to become Parent Trustees. Parent trustees are elected by the Parent body and serve for a term of four years, irrespective of how long their daughter or son remains at the School.

There is no requirement for you to have an understanding of the education system, just the necessary skills, character and time to contribute. We would specifically welcome nomination from parents with the following skills:-

1. The confidence to contribute to board meetings from a supportive standpoint.

2. Individuals with professional knowledge in areas such as education, finance, human resources, legal, marketing and public relations, property and estates management, and organisational change.

3. A positive outlook and capacity to commit to the responsibility and requirements of successful governance.

All trustees need a Disclosure and Barring Service check before they start. You must be over 18 and living in the UK.

The Trust Board would encourage you to take this opportunity to become closely involved in the organisation of the School and, if you would like to informally discuss the duties and commitments of a Trustee, please contact the Chair ( We will require the completed application form to be emailed to the by 12.00pm on Friday 27th May May 2022.

New Trustee Application Form