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Results from Previous Questionnaires


Year 7 Parent Questionnaire

QuestionStrongly AgreeAgreeDisagreeStrongly DisagreePie Charts
1. Students are happy at Robert May's School582400Question 1
2. Students feel safe at Robert May's School532800Question 2
3. The school encourages students to develop self-esteem453600Question 3
4. The school provides a curriculum which helps to develop a broad general knowledge that includes spiritual awareness403530Question 4
5. The school helps students to develop respect for those with different views and beliefs473210Question 5
6. The school encourages students to take responsibility for their own behaviour592110Question 6
7. The school supports students in distinguishing between right and wrong512900Question 7
8. The school enables students to develop confidence in their own abilities443510Question 8
9. The school provides sufficient information to parents about students progress324280Question 9
10. The school promotes independence and independent learning483400Question 10


Year 8 Parent Questionnaire

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Year 9 Parent Questionnaire


Year 10 Parent Questionnaire

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