Year 9 Options


This is a very exciting time for Year 9 students, and indeed for you: selecting Option subjects for the Key Stage 4 programme of study. At Robert May’s School our process for selecting Options is designed to ensure that all students receive the necessary help and guidance needed to make suitable subject choices. Our guiding principle is that we want students to have a broad and balanced curriculum at Key Stage 4 that provides them with ample opportunities for their future development. To achieve this balance students have to supplement the compulsory GCSE subjects, Mathematics, English, Ethics, and Science with subjects from other areas. Keeping a broad range of subjects will result in a wider range of future opportunities.

We do not underestimate that choosing Options will be a challenging, yet ultimately rewarding, process. Therefore the procedure is designed with students at its heart.

View our options presentation and options booklet below for more information:

2020 Options Evening Presentation

2020 Options Booklet Part One

2020 Options Booklet Part Two